Varicose Vein Treatments

Varicose Vein Treatments

Varicose Vein Treatments have emerged as a game-changer for individuals seeking relief from unsightly veins. This innovative service combines the proven effectiveness of sclerotherapy with the advanced technology of the Gmax laser, offering a dual approach to vein treatment that is both visually striking and minimally invasive. Sclerotherapy is an injection procedure that causes varicose veins to collapse and fade, while the Gmax laser targets and diminishes the veins with precise, high-energy light pulses. This is suitable for treating both varicose and spider veins, making your legs look better by providing a smoother, vein-free look. The treatment is ideal for anyone looking to reduce the visibility of veins, enhance leg comfort, and boost overall confidence. Results can typically be seen shortly after treatment, with the full effects becoming more apparent over time. The longevity of the results varies, but many patients enjoy the benefits for years, maintaining a youthful and healthy leg appearance.

For those in Houston, TX, seeking premier care for varicose veins, Premier Derm Center offers this outstanding service. By stepping into our clinic, you’ll experience where beauty and comfort converge, leaving with legs that not only look great but also feel great. Book your appointment today and walk away with the confidence that comes from smoother, vein-free legs.

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Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatments


Individuals with visible varicose or spider veins who are looking for a non-surgical solution to improve leg appearance are ideal candidates.

Results can often be seen shortly after treatment, with the full effects becoming apparent in the weeks following the procedure.

The results vary but can last for several years, depending on the individual’s condition and lifestyle.

There is minimal to no downtime. Some patients may experience minor side effects such as bruising or swelling, which typically subside quickly.

Patients are advised to avoid certain medications and sun exposure both before and after treatment. Your specialist will provide a detailed list of pre- and post-treatment instructions.

During Varicose Vein Treatments, patients can expect a comfortable experience with minimal discomfort. The procedure involves the injection of a solution or the application of laser energy to target veins, which gradually fade from view.

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