Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin Cancer Treatment

Our Skin Cancer Treatment services offer highly effective solutions tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. For less invasive skin cancers measuring less than 5 mm, we offer advanced Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) using both Blue and Red light. This method provides a non-invasive yet powerful option for treating superficial skin cancers, minimizing discomfort and recovery time. For more significant skin cancer concerns, our skilled professionals are adept at performing precise surgical removal. This approach ensures thorough treatment of the cancer while also focusing on aesthetic recovery and overall health. Our treatments are designed to address various areas affected by skin cancer, providing care that is as comprehensive as it is personalized.

At Premier Derm Center in Houston, TX, we are committed to delivering exceptional care to those in need of Skin Cancer Treatment. Whether you’re dealing with a small, superficial cancer or a more significant concern, our team is here to offer the support and expertise necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. Results can often be seen shortly after treatment, with the longevity of these outcomes depending on the nature of the treatment and the individual case. We encourage you to book an appointment today to explore how our Skin Cancer Treatments can benefit you.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT)

Benefits of Skin Cancer Treatments


Anyone diagnosed with skin cancer, particularly those with early-stage superficial cancers or more significant concerns requiring surgical intervention.

Results from Skin Cancer Treatment can typically be observed shortly after treatment, with specific timelines varying based on the treatment type.

The longevity of results depends on the nature of the treatment and individual factors, with many treatments offering long-term resolution of the treated areas.

Downtime and side effects vary by treatment type, with PDT often resulting in minimal downtime and surgical options requiring more recovery time.

Patients should follow pre and post-treatment instructions provided by their healthcare professional, including avoiding certain medications and sun exposure.

Expect a professional and supportive experience during Skin Cancer Treatment, with non-invasive options like PDT offering comfort and surgical options being performed with precision for both health and aesthetic recovery.

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